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The Bicycling Community

There are hundreds of thousands of active bicycle advocates in this country, but where are they? National organizations can provide crucial contacts and advise as well as input from the federal level while your local bike club might be a good way to find out about some of the most pressing issues that they would back your organization on. Your state Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator and Transportation Enhancements manager can be of great help with resources and contacts. Other state and local advocacy organizations might already be operating in your area that you might want to join. All of these contacts are listed here.

National Organizations (as posted on the League of American Bicyclists website)

State and Local Bicycle Advocacy Organizations
(as posted on the Leauge of American Bicyclists website)

Bicycle Clubs (as posted on the Leauge of American Bicyclists website)

State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinators
link to list of coordinators

State Transportation Enhancement Program Managers
link to list of enhancement program managers

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How bikeable is your community? - Discover how to identify good and bad bicycling conditions in a community.
Bikeablity Checklist - Go for a ride and use this checklist to rate your neighborhood's bikeability.
Initiate Change - Find out how to organize and grow your bicycle advocacy organization, acquire resources, work with the media and community leaders and choose issues.
Sustaining and Growing - Find out the tricks of the membership and fundraising trade. Computers, staff, volunteers and members can all play important roles in sustaining the life of your efforts.
The Bicycling Community - Links to national bicycle advocacy organizations.
Community Toolbox - The National Park Service's Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program has produced the Community Toolbox, a set of techniques for project development and community participation.
Featured site: International Walk to School in the USA - Each October, the US joins more 35 countries around the world to celebrate International Walk to School. Learn more about this great event!

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