Support Facilities and Programs:

Ramps such as this one in Japan facilitate bicyclists' access to off-street-level parking.

Photo by Dan Burden

Photo by Dan Burden
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The measures discussed in this section support access to bicycling by providing trip beginning or destination necessities such as bicycling maps for trip planning, secure bicycle parking, showers, lockers and other facilities. To enable longer multi-modal trips, providing access to transit and space for bicycles on transit is also necessary. These measures, plus promotional activities and programs, may help to increase the amount of riding in a community. Support activities or policies can take many forms, some of which naturally fall in line with a comprehensive community program. For example, provision of nice places to ride with wayfinding or destination signs is one way that a community can promote or encourage riding. In addition, special events such as "Bike to Work Days" or mentoring programs help to support bicyclists and encourage new bicyclists to give it a "spin." Other programs may help to raise money to support bicycling.


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