Landscaping - Trail

The unit cost provided assumes a "complete" landscaping effort including grading, grass, plantings, trees, etc as required. Landscaping costs are variable by terrain, adjacent land use, and existing conditions.

How the Default Unit Cost was Determined

Although information specific to bicycle lanes or trails was preferred, landscaping costs associated with highway projects should provide comparable cost information. Two sources in North Carolina provided per mile landscaping costs for bicycle lane median landscaping?Cary, NC and the Asheville Greenway 2003 Master Plan. Both sources recorded landscaping costs to be roughly $25,000/mile. Additional information was provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation. The Iowa cost was for basic seeding and mulching by acre of land and was based on highway projects. Figures from both sources are included in the cost model to provide the user with a range of choices from basic loam and seed to more park like landscape treatment.