Using this Tool


If your community is considering building a new bicycle facility you can use this tool to estimate costs, the demand in terms of new cyclists, and measured economic benefits (e.g., time savings, decreased health costs, a more enjoyable ride, decreased pollution).

The estimates provided are the result of an 18-month study of the benefits and costs of bicycle facilities, funded by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Click “Methodology” above for more information.


This tool provides guidelines for making bicycle facility investment decisions. The first step of the application tool asks if you want to calculate costs, demands, or benefits. You can choose all three if you wish. You will then will be presented with a “tree” of questions regarding the type of facility you are considering as well as information about your geographic area. The guidelines follow this general outline:


Throughout the analysis tool, you will see these icons: You can click on the icons for more information about the given term. The Facility Costs table also contains links to more information denoted by clicking on a cost item. Clicking on any of these elements will open a popup window, so you will not lose any of your work by doing so.