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There are web sites making pedestrian and bicycle crash data available using the PBCAT software. For an example of such a PBCAT application, see the North Carolina Bicycle & Pedestrian Crashes web site, which is an online query tool that allows users to view police-reported bicycle and pedestrian crash data from North Carolina.


METROPLAN ORLANDO studied 885 bicyclist crashes and 1,265 pedestrian crashes in the Orlando area using PBCAT. This report on bicyclist crashes approaches the problem through the perspectives of the various cycling-related roles in the community: bicyclists, motorists, law enforcement officials, planners, and engineers. Through this report, individuals can see which countermeasures they can reasonably implement to help address the problem. PBCAT enables such an assessment because understanding which types of crashes are most common helps one to assess the potential effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of countermeasures. Study of the pedestrian crashes is on-going.

View the Report (PDF, 1.03 MB)